11th Feb 2016

Posted by Peter Doherty

……Don’t Dilly Dally

dont dilly dally

and this more or less before afterwards just when

hopeless dizzy with time event spun on reel in

aligned too abrasive to calm any

like spikey snaps of keys rapping up and slap tapping the paper here aye

without a shot at feasibility or our old friend freedom of expleshion

eelokwent ee bee

ma beebee Merica maker me area run through the ones I did ballsup this rowdy night we passed

them kids swirling in the mess of mosh, they’re the all peopled tomorrow and they be wandering

towards mellow or stale or opiated jail (?) the ones who might return to see a shadow fall off

behind its kind shine of shade, behind hands mutt’ring no good lowdown slanders relating to someone

you love and be loyal to all the whiles…verily you’re shown more or less inexactly or so precise

another day another night another ally pally aye

the Libertines smashed it verily…

one of my old fans

said “get back in the band”

and “play the Ally Pally on the way”

so off went the band with me back in it,

Ally Pally came along with the old time spirit

we were pally, all pally, down the ally pally,

lost the need to scrap over a bone

you can’t cosh a mosher with a Brucie special

and I feel right at home

back in the old fold…

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